It’s simple: Download Drop Messages. Live your life. Win incredible prizes. 

To celebrate the earth-shattering new version of Drop Messages, we’re launching the #nycDROPS scavenger hunt to add some serendipitous fun to the end of the New York summer.

If you have Drop Messages and walk by a prize location, your phone will trigger a push notification alerting you that it’s your lucky day.

And we’re talking awesome prizes – Gift certificates that get you:

  • SoulCycle classes
  • Bonobos pants and shirts
  • Magnolia Bakery cupcakes
  • Liquiteria juice to last you weeks
  • Enough Uber credits to do laps around Central Park

We’re starting in New York, but be on the lookout for similar Drop hunts in other cities (tweet at @dropmessages to tell us what cities to leave amazing prizes in next).

Follow Drop Messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for clues on the prize locations!